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Mediathread Example: Social Work

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Mediathread is used in numerous courses and departments across Columbia University. These real-life examples show how Mediathread can be used to enhance teaching and learning in three different areas: teacher education, social work, and film study.

Example: Clinical training for Social Work students

Course: Foundations of Social Work, Social Work Practice II
Department: School of Social Work
Instructor: Various

Background: At the Columbia University School of Social Work, first-year students take a core course entitled "Foundations of Social Work" in their first semester, followed by "Social Work Practice II" in their second semester. The curriculum emphasizes assessment, intervention, and evaluation; clinical applications of risk and resiliency theories to at-risk populations; and clinical issues with specific client populations. In both courses students use Mediathread to connect class readings to videos of clinical sessions and role-play assignments.

Implementation: Students watch videos of clinical sessions and role-play assignments, clip segments, and make annotations. They then add the video annotations to essays in which they analyze theoretical models and clinical techniques and reflect on their own intervention methods. These multimedia essays encourage closer readings of clinician/patient interactions and improve students' evidence-based reasoning. Sharing completed multimedia essays with other social work students fosters group discussion and learning from peers.

A student considers the effects of her hand gestures during a social work role playing exercise. Her instructor provides detailed feedback that points to other moments during the role play.

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