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Introduction to Columbia on YouTube

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The Columbia University YouTube channel gives faculty, students, and the public access to Columbia-produced academic videos and enables instructors and administrators to share videos online for educational, promotional, and other uses.

The Columbia channel is integrated into YouTube's EDU portal, which aims to bring learners and educators together in a global video classroom. YouTube EDU organizes videos from universities, colleges, higher education institutions, and educational organizations.

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Getting Started with YouTube

Contact to learn more about Columbia on YouTube and using online video for educational purposes.

Columbia on YouTube Features

  • Free publishing of high definition, Columbia-produced videos
  • Hosting of long-form academic videos and school-specific promotional videos
  • Easy social media and web-sharing features
  • "Unlisted" videos that are not accessible via browsing or searching
  • Text annotations, captions, subtitles, and tagging
  • Automatic audio-to-text captioning, as well as instant text caption translation into foreign languages
  • Ad-free, and education-specific "Related Videos"
  • Columbia University branding