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Digital Library Seminar Series

An examination of the various internal and external factors shaping the future of the academic research library. Episodes include, "Global Warming, Intelligent Design, the Axis of Evil and the Future Relevance and Impact of the Academic Research Library" by Jim Neal.

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Audio Podcast

Video, Education, and Open Content: Best Practices

“Video, Education, and Open Content: Best Practices” was a two-day symposium intended to increase the understanding of educators, technologists, video producers, and other stakeholders in how video and open education can work together for the public good.

This symposium builds upon the work that the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning and Intelligent Television have been conducting in the area of educational video, open productions, and commercial-noncommercial collaborations, and will help define new approaches—economic, legal, and editorial—to the creation and distribution of important new resources for open education.

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