iPod Recorders

Third party accessories are now available to record high quality audio to fifth generation (5G) iPod models. These devices attach to the iPod, turning the media device into a stereo audio recorder. The three units are: Belkin's TuneTalk, Griffin's iTalkPro, and the MicroMemo from Xtreme Mac. A summary of the three competing iPod recorders currently available should help anyone contemplating a purchase.

TuneTalk from Belkin

Belkin Product Page


Highlighted features:
* Charges while recording with included cable
* Offers real-time adjustable gain for changing noise levels

* Pricier than competing units
* Does not include integrated speaker

iLounge review:

"...TuneTalk Stereo does a more than competent job of recording loud, clear audio through its microphones - it's very strong in this regard; similarly, its combination of charging functionality and a stand will make it more practical than the alternatives for certain users. It's a premium performer at a premium price. Despite its omissions, we think it's a very solid product - a little shy of our high recommendation level, but a good option for people concerned about the quality and volume of their integrated mic recording, or simultaneous charging and recording."

Griffin iTalkPro

Product Page (released 11/30/2006)

iLounge review

MicroMemo from Xtreme Mac

Product Page

  • Accepts other microphones and line-in cables
  • Optimized quality of its monaural mic and stereo line input
  • Built in speaker for instant playback

iPod Observer review:

"The addition of the mini jack on this product opens up the iPod to a whole new realm of possibilities for those who want a palm size recorder that captures great audio. The MicroMemo adds that functionality in a low-cost product that is easy to use and durable. When you think about what it delivers for its size and price, I can't see many people disagreeing this is a winner of a product."

iLounge review

"All things considered, XtremeMac's MicroMemo is the best audio recorder we've tested for fifth-generation iPods. Though it's not perfect - most notably, it's missing a few of the frills that Belkin packed in with its competing TuneTalk Stereo recorder - Xtreme made some smart compromises here, achieving a lower asking price than Belkin, importantly including a speaker, and optimizing the quality of its monaural mic and stereo line input."


XtremeMac has announced a version of their MicroMemo for the 2nd generation iPod nano. The product page is at: http://www.xtrememac.com/audio/earphones_recorders/micromemo_nano2G.php

This certainly make for a nice small recording package, although space considerations could be an issue on smaller nanos. Also, battery life could hamper longer recordings.