Introduction to Sociomedical Sciences (P6700) Columbia Only

Course lecture recordings for spring 2007. Instructors: Dr. Richard G. Parker, Dr. Kim Hopper, Dr. Amy Fairchild.

Course Description:
The sociomedical approach enlists the social sciences of anthropology, sociology, history, political science, social psychology, and moral philosophy in a multidisciplinary study of public health and medicine. Drawing upon assigned readings, lectures, seminar sections, and field/archival experience, this course will examine critical issues in urban health inequalities—the signature theme of the Department of Sociomedical Sciences—as they have taken shape historically, evolved over time, and assumed distinctive forms in the context of a global economy. Students will learn to apply the tools of social science to the analysis and formulation of public health programs and policies. This course is part of the core-course requirement for the MPH.

Audio Podcast

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