Oral Histology Growth And Development (D5110) Columbia Only

Course lecture recordings for spring 2007. Instructor: Dr. Letty Moss-Salentijn

The first objective of this course is to prepare you for the clinical treatment of growing individuals as well as the treat ment of those, who have developmental anomalies. To this end you are expected to acquire basic knowledge and, if possible, explain the scientific principles that underlie our current understanding of the events and underlying mechanisms of the normal and abnormal development and growth of the cra niofacial region. Building on earlier instruction in Human Devel opment and Human Anatomy courses the specific attributes of craniofacial growth and development are highlighted in our lec tures, laboratories and conferences.

The second and major objective of the course is to prepare you for the practice of dentistry by providing you with an in depth exposure to the structural characteristics of dental and oral tissues. Integrating and expanding on the earlier instruc tion in General Histology, the unique developmental and histolog ic aspects of dental and oral tissues, their structure, organization and function are detailed in lectures, laboratories and conferences. You are expected to acquire the knowledge and explain the scientific principles that underlie the development, structure and organization of the dental and oral tissues.

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