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Comments-Only Access Added to Google Docs

Google Docs recently announced expanded features for receiving feedback on documents by releasing a "Can comment" permission level to docs. In the past, users could create a document and select "Can edit" or "Can view" as sharing options, but there was no option for getting comments without including the ability to edit the document. This is especially helpful for creating public web documents where anyone with a link can make a comment.

This "Can comment" permission level allows for anonymous (and user authenticated) comments to be tracked on a document for a class. For instance, an instructor or student may upload an article and set the article to "Can comment" so students may make comments on the document and see peer responses in a context not otherwise possible. All links can be easily shared in CourseWorks, EdBlogs, Wikispaces and other tools. The Google Docs' "Can Comment" permission has great potential for anonymous peer review, Question and Answer, and formative assessment.