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Scitable: A Collaborative Learning Space for Science

Scitable_Logo.PNG Scitable is a collaborative learning space for science from Nature Publishing Group where students, instructors and researchers can collaborate on scientific work.

The creators of the site believe that science education should be social and interactive, allowing students and researchers to learn from engaging other people, not just texts. Users can make a profile page which lists the topics they are interested in, the Scitable groups that they join, the other users they friend, and a portfolio listing their background, published works and their current learning goals. Users with similar interests can find one another easily and share and collaborate on work.

The site's current focus is the field of genetics. It contains features such as a searchable library of articles and eBooks, Topic Rooms for in-depth exploration of subjects, spotlights on key developments in science, and blogs where students can post research and comments. The site's Knowledge Project is an openly accessible library of expert educational science material for college and high school students that can be used for building an online class space.