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WeVideo: Collaborative Video Editing in the Cloud

WeVideo is a cloud based web video editing application that allows you to upload content to a private or shared media library. From there, you may use the WeVideo suite of editing tools to produce your own video project that draws content from many tracks. You can also invite other WeVideo users to add content to your shared media library and collaborate on video projects.

In addition to your personal content, you may also choose to incorporate some of WeVideos royalty free audio tracks, video, graphics, transitions, and effects. When you are finished arranging the pieces of your video, WeVideo offers HD export as a downloadable file or to popular sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.

Some possible uses for WeVideo in the classroom include group projects, digital journalism or fieldwork especially those with individuals in various locations, and as a capstone project for a portfolio of student. Videos exported to Vimeo or YouTube can be embedded in Columbia services such as New Courseworks, Wikispaces, and EdBlogs.

WeVideo has three ways you can use their tools:

  1. The WeVideo Website as advanced web editing tools.
  2. As a plugin for your YouTube account.
  3. As a Chrome Browser Web Store extension. This Chrome extension integrates media library and project storage with your Google Drive account.

To sign up for a free WeVideo Lite account, click here.

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