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NMC Summer Conference 2009

The New Media Consortium Summer Conference 2009 was held last month, and the NMC has released a number of videos from the event, including the two engaging keynote presentations from Kathy Sierra and Marco Torres.

Kathy Sierra: Creating Passionate Learners

In her talk, Kathy Sierra describes why it is most important to focus on what your users do, not what you do: don't build a better [x], build a better user of [x]; make your users smarter.

Marco Torres: It's Not About IT, it's About What to Do With It

In his talk, Marco Torres makes the point with a number of examples that "learners need to be producers, not just consumers" using some great storytelling.

You can also read observations on the keynotes from the conference bloggers.

You can review the complete video archive.

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[conference photos: cc licensed flickr photos by cogdogblog]