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Teaching and Learning in the Interactive Classroom

Teaching and Learning in the Interactive Classroom: this 2006 article is an excellent first-hand account of a professor changing from a lecture-based classroom to an interactive classroom. The article describes the initial negative reaction by students used to sitting passively in a lecture hall taking notes and now being asked to take responsibility for their learning. The article includes strategies for creating a successful class and for overcoming student resistance:

"What happens to students when you ask them to participate in an interactive classroom?... When suddenly placed in a class that demands that they become independent learners, many students experience a fairly predictable series of reactions . . . reactions that are similar to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's stages of coping with catastrophic news, although not necessarily in the same order."

The article is written by Dr. Dee U. Silverthorn, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Texas, Austin, Texas and appears on the Advances in Physiology Education website at