Create Stunning Presentations with Prezi


Prezi, the zooming presentation editor from the media lab Kitchen Budapest, may change the way that you think about creating presentations. Prezi uses a zoomable user interface concept to turn flat slideshows into visually stunning canvases that you navigate across with surprising effect. "It's visualization and storytelling without slides. Your ideas live on stage and on the web."

Prezi offers a free version that gives you up to 100 MB of storage on their site and makes your presentations public. For a yearly fee, Prezi offers options that allow you to create private presentations, download a desktop version of their editing software and access additional online storage space. All versions allow you to use the simple editor, download your presentations and show them from your computer, create groups to share and collaborate with, and import images, videos, PDFs and Flash files. Visit their Showcase to view public samples or see CCNMTL's Summer 2009 Plans presentation.