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Slides + Video + Synchronicity = Zipcast

Zipcast is a new tool from the makers of SlideShare with which you can lead a video-enhanced live presentation to a private or public group. With the tagline "it's free and simple, no downloads for anyone," the makers of Zipcast have focused their energies on quick and simple collaboration techniques. Presentation leaders can sign in to Zipcast using a SlideShare account or through Facebook. They can invite participants by sharing a URL.

The presentation follows a "broadcast" model, so video and audio capabilities are limited to the presenter. Any number of additional participants can interact with the presenter and each other using a text chat, and individual participants have control over their own view of the slide presentation (they can skip the slides forward or back during moments when the presenter is not changing slides).

Currently there are no scheduling or recording capabilities with Zipcast - but the simple effectiveness of their streamlined platform is a welcome addition to the webconferencing toolset.