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Add Video Chat to Any Website using TokBox

TokBox, the video conferencing service, has moved toward supporting their OpenTok API and has closed down its stand-alone video conferencing service. (See also our recent entry on Zipcast for a product based on their OpenTok API.)

TokBox will now focus on video chat implementations using their OpenTok API, including their super simple HTML embed widget. The widget provides group video chat functionality on any website: choose whether you want a large, medium, or custom-sized window for your video chat; then grab the code and embed it in any website or wiki that can handle HTML code. As the owner of the chat, you will be sent a secret code to allow you to start and moderate chats. The moderator code can be shared with others as well (e.g. you could include it near the widget on the course wiki site so that students who want to "meet" outside of class hours can do so without the instructor's help).

Participants to the chat don't need to download anything or register for an account - they just enter their name and join the chat directly from your web page. The TokBox HTML embed can support up to 20 participants at a time. Like any video chat service, participants should use headphones to avoid audio feedback.