VideoANT: Online Video Annotation System

vidant.png VideoANT is a simple, easy-to-use online environment developed at the University of Minnesota that synchronizes video with timeline-based text annotations. VideoANT is designed to engage learners by supporting interactions between students, instructors, and their videos. VideoANT can handle YouTube and other videos from the web as well as locally-encoded and -hosted videos that are not password-protected.

For a test drive, click the launch link on the home page, put in the title of the video you want to annotate, add your email address, enter the video's URL (they have provided a tutorial video for you to practice with) and click "Begin Annotating!". You will be sent an email with three links to your VideoANT (one for viewing, one for editing annotations, and one for embedding the video in another page). You can share the links with anyone so that they can participate. See the sample below:

Video Annotation: Nicholas Lemann on the Web's Effect on Journalism