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The Google Chart API

The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts for inclusion into any Web page. The chart below is created by taking the number of entries in each of the three main categories from the EnhancED site on the date of this posting. The chart's URL is placed inside an <img> tag, but the URL can also be entered directly to the browser.

The URL used is:,9,3&chs=250x100& chl=Cases|Noted|Solutions&chco=003377

The Google Chart API can generate numerous types of graphs, such as bar, pie, and line charts. An interesting option is the map chart. Here is another example using a world map chart showing the 12 countries participating in the Global Classroom course spring 2008:

The URL used is (linebreaks added for readability):,6c9642,6c9642& chld=BRCNECFRGHINMYNGSGUGGBUS&chd=s:ffffffffffff& chf=bg,s,EAF7FE&cht=t&chtm=world

The key parameters in the URL are the two character country codes (chld) and the color scheme definition (chco). Complete details on this tool are available from the Google Chart docs.