SimplyMap Marries Maps and Data

SimplyMap is an online mapping application that allows users to view and interact with complex demographic, business, and marketing data. Census and other data can be overlaid onto a map of the United States, thus enabling the user to craft a narrative around a particular geographic area of interest. SimplyMap features include the ability to export maps, create new maps using personal data, run advanced spatial queries, and save searches.

smplymap.png This image displays the SimplyMap interface along with a map that depicts the median age of women in parts of New York City. Adding new variables to the map is fast and intuitive. Multiple workspaces allow users to work on several projects at the same time.

At Columbia University, students at the Graduate School of Journalism used SimplyMap to include demographic data in articles about the 2008 presidential election. Click here to go to the SimplyMap application, where staff and students at Columbia University can create a free account.