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Universal Subtitles

Universal Subtitles LogoUniversal Subtitles aims to improve access to captions and subtitles in video content, claiming that the lack of captions and subtitles is major obstacle for people with hearing disabilities and foreign viewers. The outfit has built open source tools to help facilitate community-based captioning of videos.

The captioning widget works with videos from numerous platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo and offers a two-part system for adding captions. The first part allows the community to simply add the caption text in 8-sec chunks. The second part is used to synchronize the text to the video. The captioning widget embeds just below the video's controller bar.

Universal Subtitles, a non-profit organization, is another project from the Participatory Culture Foundation whose list of other projects includes the Miro Player, Miro Video Converter, and the Open Video Alliance.