Dropbox Great Space Race

dropbox logo Dropbox.com is running a promotion pitting universities against each other. The more affiliates that sign up (or sign in, if you already have an account), the more points that the university accumulates. Those points translate to additional Dropbox.com storage for all participants from that school. Columbia has been on the leaderboard for the top US schools since the start of the promotion in mid-October, and currently second in the Ivies. Those current points translate to 8GB of storage for two years. To participate, head on over to the Great Space Race and sign up.

Over the years we have posted a number of entries on Dropbox.com, a free service that lets you bring all your documents, photos, and videos anywhere. Dropbox offers cloud storage that is easily integrated with your computers and mobile devices. For those new to Dropbox, you can visit these earlier posts.