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Notable Improvements in New Release

dropbox logoIn 2009 we described the useful file management features that are part of's online storage service.

Since then, the service has released an update to the desktop component that promises improved performance and broader syncing and sharing options. A full description of their changes are available from their blog.

With the Dropbox 1.0 release, a course facilitator may manage all course files on his or her desktop throughout the semester and choose which files or folders to share with class participants. Files may also be placed in a public folder, which has a link that gives students read-only access, but co-teachers or TAs may be given read and write privileges via their accounts. For easy integrated access, links to your folders and files may be added to CourseWorks, EdBlogs, Wikispaces or any number of other services.

Furthermore, Dropbox has made it easier to choose which files to synchronize if you have multiple computers. Each folder's preferences allows you to choose whether to synchronize with other machines so you can keep personal files on your home computer, but off your work computer.

If you would like to see a demonstration of Dropbox or get help setting up your account, consider scheduling a consultation with your department ET by contacting