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Google Docs Adds New Features

Google has released new versions of Google Docs with improved features for their document and spreadsheet editors, and they've also turned the Insert Drawing tool into a stand alone collaborative drawing tool for sharing graphics.

With the document editor, you can now see edits by your collaborators in real time, and chat while working together. Layout features have also been updated, including adjustable margins and tab stops. The Spreadsheets editor now has autofill capabilities that will help you save time and the ease of moving columns by dragging them with your mouse. File loading, scrolling and editing functions are all faster.

The improvements to the Drawing tool now give users the ability to collaborate in real time on graphics like drawings, flow charts, designs and diagrams and make them accessible directly from the docs list. You can inserting graphics into documents, spreadsheets and presentations as before, or share and publish them just like other Google Docs. For a complete list of the recently added improvements to Google Docs, check out the link What's new in Google Docs.