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Encoding Video Using Miro Video Converter

Producing a video file that is web and mobile compatible is not an easy task. There are a large number of file formats in which video can be produced, and only a fraction of these formats are supported in web browsers. It can be equally difficult to produce video files for playback on mobile devices, such as iPods and smart phones. Because of these various technical complexities, desktop applications that encode web video have settings that can overwhelm the non-specialist.

The folks at Participatory Culture Foundation makers of the popular Miro Media Player, released Miro Video Converter, a simple application that can convert video files into common formats: MP4, OGG Theora, and WebM (VP8). Miro Video Converter can also easily convert video files so that they can be viewed on specific devices such as iPhones and Androids, providing selectable presets that help you determine how a video file should be encoded without the need to fuss with complicated encoding settings. Simply choose your desired file format or device, and Miro Video Converter does the rest. Like other Miro applications, this application and free and open source.