MovieClips Opens Its Library

MovieClips recently opened their library to users worldwide. The web site houses over 12,000 legal movie clips that you can search, view, discuss and share. MovieClips has added plenty of metadata (e.g. title, genre, mood, character, theme, to name a few) in an attempt to make finding the perfect clip easier.

Each clip has a corresponding URL and embed code. Here's an embedded clip from The Flamingo Kid (1984) that includes the line, "You still wanna go to Columbia...?"

Though "12,000" sounds like a lot of clips, it becomes clear that this service won't have every clip that a teacher might want to use in the classroom (e.g. there appear to be only 50 clips in the "documentary" genre). Additionally, the searching features are not very intuitive and because pages load numerous Flash elements, the site can feel clunky and slow. On the other hand, MovieClips is currently taking (and responding constructively to) suggestions to improve their beta release.