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Twitterfall Follows Twitter Trends

Twitterfall is a website that allows users of Twitter, the free micro-blogging tool, to search tweets and view trends and patterns of tweets in real-time.

The appeal of the site comes from the fact that you can search and follow trends much more quickly than if you were using Twitter alone.

The creators of the site recognized that the slowness of Twitter's servers, caused by heavy user demand on trending topics, could be avoided by using their separate, outside servers to do Twitter searches and then push the results out to users of their website who are looking for tweets on that topic.

Twitterfall has been called "a Google for the Twitterverse." The site offers a long list of features such as the ability to geolocate tweeters, previewing of images by mousing over URLs and viewing user details by mousing over names. Watch the video below for a demonstration.