Create and Share Widgets with Widgetbox


Widgetbox is a self-service software platform that enables users to create and share widgets, the simple dynamic web applications that you find on web pages. Widgets can be windows and text boxes that you interact with like a quiz or game, or content made just for viewing like a customized clock or a stream of photos that updates regularly.

You can choose from over 170,000 widgets in the Widgetbox gallery to download to your computer, or create your own with their templates. The gallery covers a wide variety of subjects, including blogs, educational quizzes and news headlines. You can turn your Twitter updates, Flickr photostream or YouTube videos into a widget. The company also makes "blidgets", widgets that are built from RSS feed-based content (blog + widget = blidgets). Just enter your blog or feed-based URL into the blidget template and it will create a blidget that you can embed in your website and share.

Widgetbox recently began offering a mobile site building tool that allows you to make your own mobile site for the iPhone and Android quickly by pulling RSS feeds and other content into a well-designed site. Widgetbox offers a free basic version that is ad-supported and premium versions without the ads from $4/month.