Build Online Forms with Wufoo

Wufoo Screenshot

Update 2011-04-25: SurveyMonkey acquires Wufoo.

Wufoo is an web service that helps you build online forms easily. It automatically builds the database and other code necessary for interactive functionality and storage of data.

After you set up an account, you are sent a confirmation email with your account's URL. Then, for example, an instructor could design a survey or quiz, make it public, send the URL to students, and ask them to respond. Wufoo's free option allows one user to have up to 3 forms, 3 reports and up to 10 fields and 100 entries per month (an entry is one successful form submission that is kept in an account's database for at least 24 hours). Wufoo offers a number of additional plans that allow more users, forms, entries per month and other features for a monthly fee.

Wufoo's form creator is simple and fun to use, but offers a generous number of options to create complex forms. Forms can include text fields, multiple choice buttons, date fields, checkboxes, drop down menus, and phone number fields. Forms can be embedded in your site by copying the embed code. Templates and style options are available to help you create and organize mailing lists, class directories, quizzes or tests, and other information. Reports for each form can be designed in a similar fashion. You can easily export your data for printing or modifying as an Excel, CSV or text file.