The PL3P Environment

The PL3P portfolio provides an electronic space for:
  • Collecting work: Residents record evidence of the work they've completed, both clinical and didactic.
  • Showing Progress: Residents are able to track their growth and change over time. As they become better dentists throughout the course of this program the portfolio should chronicle this progress.
  • Reflection: The reflection blog in the e-portfolio makes reflection on the work residents collect possible.
  • Assessment: The portfolio also allows for self-assessment and as well as assessment and feedback from your program director/mentor.
  • Program Portal: Residents have access to program information, for example, program requirements, calendar of events, evalaution and clinic forms, etc.


Each resident has a private home page and e-portfolio. Folders are provided for Learning Plans, Reflection, Cases, Seminar Presentations, Best Evidence Topics and other documents. More folders can be added for other assets.

Learning Plan

Using program competencies as a guide, residents write objectives to highlight what they want to learn; list activities/tasks to be completed in order to meet objectives; set a reasonable time for completion of these activities; and provide evidence of completion within the portfolio.

Learning Plan Support

Residents can access an online module on how to develop a learning plan. Through video interviews, this module also introduces the reisdents to three exemplary dentists who are lifelong learners.

Program Requirements

To graduate from the program each resident must meet certain minimum requirements. Residents record completion of each requirement by giving both a completion date and evidence of completion. Progress is periodically reviewed by the program director.

The Calendar

All events for residents are placed in the calendar; these include lectures, resident presentations, conferences, etc.