Publications & Presentations

Outreach Meeting

The External Advisory and Outreach Committee for the Postdoctoral General Dentistry Residency Training Project (FIPSE Grant) hosted an outreach meeting on May 25, 2005. The purpose of this meeting was to share our progress with our colleagues in professions education. The invitees comprised educators from dental, social work, and nursing programs.

The group met to review the status of the project, to discuss the educational theories that support the educational approach in the project, and to demonstrate the technology. Michelle Hall discussed the self-motivational theory of Self-Regulated Learning which forms the theoretical basis for the entire curriculum; Ayxa Calero-Breckheimer spoke about portfolios and reflection; then John Zimmerman demonstrated the e-portfolio technology and discussed the functional requirements of the system. To conclude the meeting, all participants were invited to complete a short questionnaire describing their thoughts on the project with a focus on the accreditation issues arising from the use of e-portfolios.

Poster Presentation at FIPSE

John Zimmerman presented "An open-source web-based application to enhance Professional Life-Long Leaning (PL3P)" at the 33rd Annual FIPSE Project Directors' meeting on January 9-10, 2006, at the City Center Hotel in Washington, DC.

Poster presentation at ADEA

John Zimmerman presents on PL3P at The American Dental Education Association and the American Association for Dental Research Annual Meetings and Exhibition, March 8-11, 2006 in Florida.