Cloud-based YouTube Video Editing

YouTube has released a new browser-based video editing tool, simply called YouTube Editor, which provides rudimentary tools for assembling compilations from a group of existing videos within a user's YouTube channel. Users can select clips from their existing collection of videos and drag them into a sequence where the footage can be trimmed, joined, or clipped into smaller pieces.

Also available are tracks from YouTube's AudioSwap library, where sound effects, music, and other audio can be joined to the sequence. (When opting for AudioSwap soundtracks users should note that advertisements are added to the final video.)

YouTube Editor is only one of many online video editing tools to have emerged on the web. For example, a similar tool that has been available for some time is TubeChop, which provides the ability to cut out segments of existing YouTube videos. These segments are then saved as new videos which can be shared with others.

Another popular online editing tool, JayCut, provides similar online video editing functionality, but with more features. JayCut provides collaborative editing options and the ability to publish to sites other than YouTube.