Third Party YouTube Tools

YouTube Time-

If you'd like to quickly generate a new link to a YouTube video that specifies a particular starting point within the video, try YouTube Time. Just insert a link to a YouTube video on this website, then specify the time you'd like the video to start playing. A new link is then created for distribution to others that includes your selected start time.


TubeChop allows you to easily "chop" or clip sections from any YouTube video, and then share it. To use, import a YouTube video link into the TubeChop. When the link is opened, the interface allows you to select the start and end times of the video. Press "Chop it", and a new video link will be generated which can then be shared.

YouTube XL-

If you are showing YouTube videos on a television, or even via projector in your classroom, YouTube XL offers a version of the YouTube website specially formatted for large screens.

Caption Tube-

An easy to use, web-based application, CaptionTube lets users add text captions to YouTube videos. Log in with a YouTube or Google account, import any YouTube video link, and then add text captions to the video using a time-based user interface. Your captions are then saved to a file that can be downloaded and uploaded to YouTube for immediate viewing alongside the video.