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Meta-Lib Offers Custom Multi-Database Searches

The Columbia Libraries' research and subject guides generally list a number of pertinent databases. Searching across these disparate databases (a federated search) is now possible using a tool called MetaLib. When MetaLib receives a search request, it will provide a dashboard view of the searches it is conducting. When it is complete, you can choose to view results by database or view a compilation.

A utility has been developed to create a custom federated search for inclusion on any website, including CourseWorks. Simply select your set of databases using the form provided. You are asked to limit the set to a maximum of seven databases. After submitting the form, you will receive a search box along with the HTML code necessary to add your custom search to a web page.

The example below is a custom search created for this entry that includes five databases in the search. Try it out:

Custom Search

Search the following resources:

  • Google Scholar
  • ProQuest
  • Web of Science
  • WorldCat

To see another example, view the Barnard College Dance Research Guide.