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Online Study Groups with OpenStudy

OpenStudy Logo OpenStudy is a publicly accessible website that allows anyone to set up and join a study group. On this site, study groups are areas where group members can ask and respond to each other's questions via text, and can also chat in real time with others in the group. These study groups are completely open to anyone who wants to join, and their content is also publicly visible.

MIT's Open CourseWare just announced a partnership with OpenStudy whereby certain OCW Courses now have associated study groups hosted by This allows students interacting with OCW materials, who previously had no way to interact with others doing the same thing, to discuss course-related topics with other students. OCW reports that they have seen a robust response to the integration. As an example, one study group for an introductory course in Computer Science already has over 4000 members. is a for-profit startup out of Atlanta and is supported by the NSF, the NIH, and the Georgia Research Alliance.