Live Blogging Using CoveritLive

CoveritLive, the live blogging tool that can be easily embedded into your blog, wiki or other website, allows you to quickly launch and host a live online event.

CoveritLive is free and requires no downloads. Just go to the website, register and choose the type of account you'd like to set up. Then follow the instructions to copy the code that will create a window for viewing the event and paste it into your blog, wiki or web page. Your viewers then can watch the event from your website and never leave the site or need to download any software. Your comments appear in the console like instant messages that your viewers can reply to. They can choose to make their comments public or keep them hidden from everyone but you.

You can also conduct polls, question and answer sessions or quizzes. Links to articles and websites can be added to the stream as well as videos and images that can be uploaded and inserted as needed by using the Media Library feature. You can also replay the archived stream when it is finished.

It is fairly easy to see how a group of students, all given producer roles, can use CoveritLive to generate a comprehensive set of notes for any class or lecture. Tasks can even be split among the students such that one can type in notes and others can find related media complementing the notes. The embedded session below was taken from a recent University Seminar session.

CoveritLive's Basic service has no ads and includes a limit of 5,000 per month live participant views (visits to your live streams). They also offer Premium service options for more participant volume, one of which is free but requires accepting ads.