Mahara Open Source e-Portfolio System

mahara.jpg Mahara is a free, open source e-portfolio system built on a social networking platform that includes blogging and resume creation features. Mahara is designed to collect and organize all of your digital work such as documents, blogs, multimedia files, contact information and resumes, so it can be shared with students, peers, friends, potential employers or grant committees.

Mahara aims to be a learner-centered Personal Learning Environment and its developers contrast it with the institution-centric Learning Management Systems that are in use at most universities. It is also important to note that these developers see Mahara as a complement to the LMS and not a replacement.

The software's architecture is drawn from the modular, extensible architecture of Moodle, the open source course management system. The software features a file management system to upload documents, media or other files quickly. Content and layout can then be personalized to create multiple views so the user can vary the way that they represent themselves to targeted groups. Groups can be built around shared interests or areas of research or study, and blogs and discussion board features add to the learning and sharing experience that the platform offers.

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