VoiceThread Conversations Around Media

VoiceThread is a collaborative multimedia slideshow tool that holds images, documents and videos, allowing users to share information and comments using voice (via phone or mic), text, audio files or video (via webcam).

Each VoiceThread is a tool for having conversations around media. At the center of each successive page is the image, video, PDF or PowerPoint slide that is the focus of the discussion. Pictures (or web cam video) of invitees appear in the margins around the main content and they are highlighted as they comment or use the drawing tool in the page.

Creating a VoiceThread is easy. First create an account (username and password required) at http://voicethread.com. After logging in, select the "Create" tab at the top of the page, upload one or more files (e.g., jpg, pdf, ppt, mov, doc), and add a comment or instructions; your VoiceThread is ready to use. You can then invite specific guests or make it open to the world. To invite specific guests, you need to add them to your contacts list and then invite them via the VoiceThread "Share" options.

Users are allowed three free VoiceThreads of up to 50 pages each, and several inexpensive price models for groups are available. For more information and to view a sample VoiceThread, watch the video below.