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Toward Open Standards for Digital Annotations

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CCNMTL technologists, Schuyler Duveen and Jonah Bossewitch, were selected to participate in a workshop hosted by the Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC), which aims to improve scholarly digital annotations. Duveen and Bossewitch demonstrated Mediathread and shared our experiences annotating remote collections, producing multimedia compositions, and hosting collaborative analysis environments. The AOC was held at the University of Illinois, Chicago, March 24-25th.

The Mellon-funded OAC is drafting standards for digital annotations with the goal of enabling greater interoperability between collections and analysis tools across the web. This workshop brought together a diverse group of stakeholders with strong interests in annotations. Researchers, librarians, educators, archivists, and publishers came together to vet the latest draft of the annotation data model and ontology, and critically examined complex use-cases that challenged the boundaries of the specifications.

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