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NMC Conference Attendees Get Hands-on with Mediathread

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CCNMTL’s Jonah Bossewitch and Mark Phillipson delivered a presentation on Mediathread, the Center’s multimedia annotation tool, at the 2012 New Media Consortium (NMC) Summer Conference. Their application was accepted to be one of only a handful of hands-on workshops offered at the conference.

The NMC conference is an annual event for professionals to explore and discuss the integration of emerging technologies in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. This year’s conference was held June 12-15 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At the workshop, Bossewitch and Phillipson demonstrated to a packed classroom how using annotation tools such as Mediathread in teaching and research can deepen analysis of rich media. Participants worked hands-on with Mediathread and learned how to embed web-based videos and images into course-based multimedia analysis.

MIT's Stata Center
MIT's Stata Center (Photo by clayfox)

The New Media Consortium is an international community of experts in educational technology whose goal is to help hundreds of member universities, colleges, museums, and organizations drive innovation across their campuses. One of the NMC's main initiatives is the production of annual Horizon Reports, which cover technologies that will soon have an impact on education. Copies of the higher education Horizon Report are available for viewing in the CCNMTL Faculty Support Lab in 204 Butler Library. CCNMTL has carried the NMC membership for Columbia University since 2006.

NMC is offering a collection of videos of the conference through iTunes U that includes the opening keynote by Joichi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab, and closing remarks by Lord David Puttnam, acclaimed film producer and chancellor of Open University. The videos are also available on NMC’s YouTube channel.

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