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Get Ready to Dive In! Mediathread Summer 2013 Release is Here

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The Summer 2013 version of Mediathread, CCNMTL’s platform for exploration and examination of web-based multimedia content, has officially been released! The newest version of the open-source platform features re-ordering of instructor compositions in the "From Your Instructor" column; creation of assignment due dates; prioritization of the center-column "to-do" list based on a smart, new algorithm; and the ability for instructors to remove Recommended Sources using the Manage Sources interface under the Tools menu.

After creating an assignment, an instructor can create due date for the assignment by first clicking the Save feature, then entering a future date from the pop-up calendar.

In addition, the refined Course Migration feature is working swimmingly. Instructors can easily import self-created assignments, compositions, items, and annotations from a previous semester's Mediathread course into a newly-created course using the Migrate Materials interface under the Tools menu.

Also, bookmarklet capabilities with popular web collections such as Columbia University's Academic Commons and the Google Art Project have been enhanced to collect items (and metadata associated with those items) into the Mediathread platform using the "Analyze with Mediathread" bookmarklet.


An example of a video item from Columbia's Academic Commons that was brought into Mediathread using the bookmarklet. The metadata associated with the video, including it's original source and abstract, can be reviewed in the item's Source tab.

Since launching in Fall 2010, Mediathread has been used in over 200 classes at Columbia University and its affiliates, helping students to analyze multimedia materials closely across a wide array of schools and departments. As part of CCNMTL's design research cycle, the tool is currently undergoing an internal assessment effort that includes input from over a hundred faculty and students who used the tool during the Spring 2013 semester. Design decisions about the Fall 2013 development features will be informed by these assessment efforts.

The code for Mediathread is freely available at GitHub. For more information, including a demo video, please visit Columbia University instructors can request Mediathread for their course by sending an email to

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